Nonmember: $10/ unit

Member: $8.50/unit


For softening wrinkles created by muscle movement.

Closeup photo of fat man with big belly


Nonmember: Pricing Varies

Radiofrequency and targeted pressure are used to reduce cellulite in many areas of the body

Close up of attractive man lying and rel

PCA Peel

Non-member: $100

Member: VIP free option

Improve tone or texture with an entry level peel.

You'll customize this! 

Dentist starting teeth whitening procedu

Laser Teeth Whitening

Non-member: $75

Member: VIP free option

Plant based, organic, dental grade teeth whitening in just an hour. 


H20 Facial

Non-member: $150

Member: VIP free option

This H2O dermabrasion uses suction and product infusion. You'll customize this!



Nonmember: Pricing Varies

Radiofrequency is used to sculpt and build muscles and reduce fat to the waist, ABS, ARMS, LEGS, or GLUTES. 

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Dermal Filler

Nonmember: $350-$700

Member: $350-$600

For lifting cheeks, plumping lips, and filling in areas under the eyes and smile lines.

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VI Chemical Peel


Resurface skin texture and improve skin tone with an intense 7 day medical grade peel. 


IV Therapy

Non-member: $100-$150

Member: VIP free option

IV hydration is packed with electrolytes and perfect for easy rehydration.


Custom Facial

Non-member: $75

Member: VIP free option

This facial includes a dermaplane. You'll get to customize this!

Plastic surgeon doctor prepares a young

Agnes Facial Sculpting

Nonmember: $700

Member: $100 off

Reduces under eye bags, double chin, and tightens face.



Nonmember: $200-$400

Member: $125-$325

For stimulating collagen and treating the surface of the face or scalp for hair growth. 


Express Dermaplane

Non-member: $40

Member: VIP free option

Remove unwanted peach fuzz and dead skin for a perfect glow. 

cropped view of caucasian young man meas

Lipo B12 + MIC shot

Nonmember: $30

Member: VIP free option

This is given in the glute or arm for energy, metabolism, and fat breakdown.

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