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Meet the Team


Cynthea MSN, FNP-C 
Medical Director
Allergan Master Injector

Cynthea is a Family Nurse Practitioner with a Masters degree from Chamberlain University. She specializes in cosmetic injectables and has trained top injectors in Arizona and nationally. She is dedicated to giving each client the look that they desire. Cynthea enjoys training other nurses through Glam MedSpa's Botox and Dermal Filler courses and oversees other MedSpas in Arizona.


Becky MSN, RN
Lead Cosmetic Injector
Allergan Master Injector

Becky has over 10 years of nursing experience and has a true passion for aesthetics. Becky has many completed trainings through the makers of Botox, Dysport, and Juvederm. Becky's favorite technique is advanced use of a cannula for tear trough filler as a finishing touch to the liquid face lift. She is our lead injector and a good fit for anyone looking for quick Botox treatments. Becky is confident and professional and has been a blessing to have at Glam. 


Lauren MSN, RN
Director of Education

Lauren has a background in oncology, labor and delivery, education, and hospice. She has found a love for aesthetics and especially education. She has trained many nurses in Aesthetics and continues to facilitate our training academy. Lauren has been recognized for her lip filler technique and continues to provide gorgeous results. Lauren is our go-to for first time Botox clients who really want to be educated on the process. 

IMG_3108 2.JPG

Abby LE
Licensed Esthetician

Abby is a licensed esthetician who loves helping guests achieve their facial goals. She is clinically trained in all of our product lines and truly understands how they interact with the skin. Home skincare products are her number one tool to produce beautiful outcomes. 

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Aspen LE

Aspen is a licensed esthetician with a passion for all things skin. She has been trained in radio frequency such as body contouring using EmTone and EmSculpt and loves seeing transformations happen. She has mastered our H2O facials and is able to recommend home care regimens based on the clients specific skin needs.

IMG_3113 2.jpg

Nina LE
Waxing Specialist

Nina is a licensed esthetician who specializes in waxing and facials. She is said to be the Brazilian magician and loves pairing a good wax with a vagacial after.  She offers services at both the MedSpa and Day Spa making it convenient to get your wax in! Clients love her and we do too!

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Brooke CLT, LE 
Laser Technician

Brooke is a laser technician who specializes in reducing red and brown spots using laser technology. She has also been in our front desk position in the past so she plays a huge role in our team operations and scheduling. She has taken on every challenge we throw at her and she loving this industry. We are happy to have her as part of the family. 

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Katie CLT, LE
Laser Technician

Katie is a licensed esthetician who has been trained in all laser techniques. Whether you are looking for a laser hair removal or you want to treat your reds and browns, Katie has you covered! She has also mastered our body contouring machines such as EmTone for cellulite and EmSculpt for fat reduction and muscle tone. We are so grateful to have Katie charming us with her transformations. 

Patient Care Coordinator

IMG_3110 2.JPG

Patient Care Coordinator

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