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Address Here Gilbert, AZ 85000

Address Here Gilbert, AZ 85000

Address Here Gilbert, AZ 85000





At our MedSpa, the providers at Glam are highly qualified Registered Nurses, Laser Technicians, and Estheticians under the supervision of Medical Director Cynthea Vanden MSN-FNPc. Each of our providers have completed a rigorous training program in their specialty and are expected to provide treatments at the Glam Standard.


At our Academy, our instructors are Masters prepared nurses who have devoted their career to making the aesthetics industry a safe place for patients to receive treatments and for Nurses to practice within their scope.   




Although we don't expect to see complications, we have an emergency safety kit containing everything we need and use every preventative measure to keep you safe whether you are at our MedSpa receiving treatments, or training as a Nurse in our Academy. 


We only use FDA approved products straight from the manufacturers. We partner with Allergan, Galderma, Evolus, Prolineum, VI, PCA, BTL, AMP, Sciton, and more to bring you the best of the best of aesthetic treatments. 



We assess each client's needs with a customized consultation during all aesthetic treatments.

Whether you are looking to treat yourself with a basic facial, or desire a true treatment plan to improve specific concerns, you'll find yourself obsessed with the experience and results.

In our Academy, we train Nurses on how to create the best outcomes possible for their clients. Our apprenticeship allows Nurses to continue perfecting their assessment and consultation skills to create a treatment plan for each client. 

the glam philosophy:

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